ShareChat ports its tech infra to Google Cloud
Homegrown social networking platform ShareChat is migrating its entire technology infrastructure to Google Cloud, the two companies said.

The partnership will help the Twitter-backed site trim expenses on backend technology infrastructure by 20% and improve the experience for its over 60 million users, which is largely in tier II and tier III cities.

The social network, which operates in 15 Indian languages, relies heavily on IT infrastructure, given the high volume of content and traffic on its platform, such as posts, likes, views, and followers.

A large proportion of its active users also rely on 2G networks, which means delivering a good user experience is a critical business need.

Venkatesh Ramaswamy, VP of Engineering, Sharechat said, “The Google Cloud ecosystem is so simple to use and yet can help solve complex problems. We made the decision to move and standardise on Google Cloud because we believe this will help us build better future technologies. The advances we have been able to drive with reliability, scalability and observability from Day One have also been a major plus.”

Google Cloud has been building an aggressive strategy to gain a higher footprint in India where it competes with the likes of Microsoft, IBM and Amazon Web Services. The company recently hired Karan Bajwa to head its Cloud business in India. Bajwa is building a crack team in India to drive its strategy forward.

“We are delighted to partner with ShareChat on its digital transformation journey, and to help the company implement the world-class scalable and reliable infrastructure that will continue to enable it to deliver innovative and secure cloud-based services to millions of ShareChat users nationwide,” Bajwa, the managing director of Google Cloud India, said.

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