Nathan Quinnell

Nathan Quinnell is slated to become future president of Prevail Bank, Medford, Wis., later this year. Until then, he will serve as chief banking officer under current president and CEO William Weiland.

Quinnell started at the bank’s Wisconsin Rapids location in 2005. He served as a credit analyst and continued his experience in various departments to the role of CEO at River Cities Bank in 2017. After River Cities Bank merged with Prevail, Quinnell oversaw integration of the banks’ systems and operations as chief operating officer. He works out of the Wisconsin Rapids office and the home office in Medford. He has a degree in business and financial services from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

“His strong financial, technical, and leadership experience will allow Nathan to continue to lead the bank in a positive direction by providing more to our customers,” Weiland said. “As a strong community-minded banker, his focus will be to continue to provide exceptional financial services for all our customers and communities.”

Weiland has led Prevail since 2013; previously, he spent 22 years with Mid-Wisconsin Bank, Green Bay, and four years with the State Bank of Medford. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The $808 million Prevail Bank was formed in 2019 after it acquired River Cities Bank; formerly, it was Time Federal Savings Bank. It has nine offices in central Wisconsin.

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