WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday the House will proceed with legislation to impeach President Donald Trump as she pushes the vice president and Cabinet to invoke constitutional authority to force him out, warning that Trump is a threat to democracy after the deadly assault on the Capitol.

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Pelosi made the announcement in a letter to colleagues, saying the House will first vote to push Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the powers of the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. After 24 hours, she said, the House would proceed with legislation on impeachment. Trump could become the only president to be impeached twice.

Pelosi invokes the Watergate era, when Republicans in the Senate told President Richard Nixon his presidency was over, saying, ‘That’s what has to happen now.’

“In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both,” she said, and added: “The horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetrated by this President is intensified and so is the immediate need for action.”

On Monday, Pelosi’s leadership team will seek a vote on a resolution calling on Pence and Cabinet officials to invoke the 25th Amendment.

During an interview on “60 Minutes” aired Sunday, Pelosi invoked the Watergate era, when Republicans in the Senate told President Richard Nixon, “It’s over.”

“That’s what has to happen now,” she said.

With the House not in session, there is not likely to be an objection to its consideration. Pelosi would put the resolution before the full House on Tuesday. If it were to pass, Pence and the Cabinet would have 24 hours to act before the House would move toward impeachment.

With impeachment planning intensifying, pressure was mounting for Trump to leave office even before his term ended amid alarming concerns of more unrest ahead of the inauguration.

An impeachment process ending in a Senate conviction would likely include a ban on Trump’s ever again holding public office. Many political observers have anticipated that a post-presidency Trump would waste no time in fostering a narrative that he is running for the 2024 presidential nomination, with the result of his holdings rallies and raising funds for the entirety of Democrat Joe Biden’s first term.

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