U.S. stocks finished mostly higher but lost momentum within Thursday’s final hour of trade after the Wall Street Journal reported that Pfizer Inc.

expects to ship half of the COVID vaccines it originally planned for this year because of supply-chain problems, but still expects to roll out more than a billion doses in 2021. The Dow Jones Industrial Average

closed up 0.3% at around 29,969, but off its best levels Thursday at 30,110.88, pushing it below a closing record. The S&P 500 index

finished 0.1% lower at 3,667, off its intraday high at 3,682.73, while the Nasdaq Composite Index [: COMP] rose 0.2% at 12,377, but well off its best level at 12,439.02. Markets had surged higher on Thursday U.S. stock indexes took a leg higher on the session after the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said reaching a compromise on another coronavirus fiscal package was possible, as long as Democrats moved toward Republican positions, offering some hope of progress toward a fiscal pact for bullish investors.

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