I never thought I’d spend more than $10 on leggings, and then I tried these. They’re high-waisted (I have a long torso and most “high-waist” pants barely reach my belly button), aren’t see-through, and you won’t be pulling them up or readjusting as you move. They’re also made of 25 plastic bottles and 79 percent recycled polyester, and comes in recycled packaging. Once you’ve outgrown or have thoroughly worn them out, you can send them back to Girlfriend Collective to be recycled again (and you’ll get a gift card).

If you don’t need high-waisted leggings, there’s also mid-rise leggings on sale for $34; everything else is 30 percent off, like the Paloma Bra I also love.

Bombas Socks

20 percent off at Bombas with code CHEER20

Some of our favorite socks for running come from Bombas. The company also makes excellent compression socks for post-workout recovery sessions. The coupon code CHEER20 is good for 20 percent of everything Bombas sells—all the socks, plus T-shirts and other apparel.

Colgate Hum Battery-Powered Smart Toothbrush for $45 ($20 off)


The Colgate Hum is an electric brush done right—you don’t need to stare at your phone every time you brush your teeth to map your progress and get feedback—and it’s cheaper than most smart brushes out there. This deal is only under $50 for the battery-operated version on Amazon (now $45); the rechargeable version is $60 with this sale. Prices are always more expensive on Amazon than on Colgate’s site but today these sale prices are $5 and $10 less, respectively, on Amazon than Colgate’s site.

Disposable Face Masks for $8 ($22 off)


This pack of face masks fell to the same price on Amazon Prime Day. Disposable face masks are not the most environmentally friendly option—we do recommend investing in some reusable masks—but these are lightweight and effective. They’re a good option if you’re prone to dreaded mascne.

Society6 Face Masks for $12 ($4 off)


WIRED staffer Kim Chua loves these face masks. (Here are more of our favorite masks.) They come in several eye-catching designs, and they’re not too expensive.

Baggu Face Mask 3-Pack for $24 ($8 off)

Baggu, Amazon ($26)

These are some of the Best Face Masks—when a WIRED staffer’s relative was sick with Covid-19, she found them comfortable enough to sleep in. We prefer the ear loop style to the tie-back style. Baggu makes awesome reusable bags, too (a sustainable alternative to plastic), which are part of the sitewide Black Friday sale.

Olika Hand Sanitizer Multipacks for $34 ($8 off)

Amazon (with the coupon)

Amazon will apply additional coupon savings at checkout. If you don’t want to make your own hand sanitizer, and you’re tired of vodka-scented mass-produced sanitizer, this deal might be up your alley.

iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer for $24 ($20 off)


This thermometer usually costs between $30 and $50. It uses infrared to read body temperature in just one second, so you won’t have to deal with probing under a sick kid’s tongue.

Lifestraw for $13 ($7 off)


If you hike, camp, or have a disaster kit at the ready, a LifeStraw is a good thing to include. It filters contaminated water without batteries or other accessories. We’ve seen it dip to $10 before, so you may want to wait and see if the price dips even more.

Final Reusable Straw for $20 ($5 off)

Amazon, Final

These are reviewer Louryn Strampe’s favorite reusable straws. They fold down neatly into the included case, and when it’s time to use them, they automatically unfurl and snap together as you pull them out. They’re pretty, they’re easy to clean, and the soft rubber tips keep them comfortable. More importantly, they cut down on unnecessary plastic. Final’s reusable sporks are also on sale (matched at Amazon)—the sporks are weighty and easy to eat with.

Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cube Set for $22 ($17 off)

Amazon, Eagle Creek

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